An old utensil, a fresh twist — and a few sharks

Alumna Mylen Yamamoto’s version of chopsticks is eco-friendly, practical and fun.

“Living on an island, you’re taught to really take care of what you have on the land. We need to respect it in order for our communities to thrive.”

Cropsticks on a table.

“Some people just say, ‘Oh, it’s just a chopstick.’ Well, no, we’re contributing to a mission to do better for the world, do better for the next generation.”

Diagram on how Cropsticks are made and upcycled.
Mylen Yamamoto and her dog sitting on a couch.

Kaitlin Ragland is a student at Cal State LA majoring in television, film and media studies.

Photos by J. Emilio Flores

Photo 1: Mylen Yamamoto at Cropsticks’ office in Downey. Photo 2: Cropsticks on display. Photo 3: Graphic depiction of Cropsticks’ upcycling process. (Courtesy of Cropmade) Photo 4: Mylen Yamamoto with her dog, Amos.