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Fall 2019

Book cover for "Border Folk Balladeers"

This volume features essays written by scholars in the fields of folklore, literary criticism and critical race theory, and who are renowned authorities on the work of Américo Paredes.

Edited by Roberto Cantú, emeritus professor of English and of Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies

Book cover for "L2 Spanish Pragmatics"
This reference book offers a comprehensive overview of current research into pragmatics and Spanish language teaching.
Edited by Domnita Dumitrescu, emerita professor of Spanish, and Patricia Lorena Andueza
Book cover for "Childhood and Modernity in Cold War Mexico City"

Through the lens of childhood, the book focuses on the transformations that occured between 1934 and 1968 in Mexico. Ford puts the experiences of children in Latin America into their historical, political and cultural contexts.

Eileen Ford, professor of history
Both Eastern and Western"
As a revisionist work of intellectual history, the book challenges many of the dominant paradigms in Iranian and Middle Eastern historiography and offers a new narration.
Afshin Matin-Asgari, professor of history
Book cover for "Institutional Commitment to Teaching Excellence"
This publication provides a compelling articulation of the standards and activities faculty developers should engage with to enhance the teaching and learning environment on campus.

Edited by Catherine Haras, senior director for the Center for Effective Teaching and Learning, Steven C. Taylor, Mary Deane Sorcinelli and Linda von Hoene

Book cover for "Identities on the Trial in the United States"

The book is based on Ngin’s work as an anthropological expert witness for asylum cases in the federal courts. It focuses on rarely heard stories of persecution and escape from China and Southeast Asia.

ChorSwang Ngin, professor of anthropology
Book cover for "Human Sexuality Today"
In its ninth edition, the textbook explores human sexuality and its impact on students’ lives today.
Pamela Regan, professor of psychology, and Bruce M. King
Book cover for "Darwinian Feminism and Early Science Fiction"
This is the first detailed scholarly examination of women’s science fiction in the early magazine period before the Second World War.

Patrick B. Sharp, professor of liberal studies