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The Shelf Life

Winter 2018

Book cover for "A Gendered Gaze"
This book examines the ways new media impact how people see themselves and others.
Suzanne Regan, professor of TV, film and media studies
Book cover for "Writing Literature Reviews"
In its 7th edition, this guide educates students in the preparation of literature reviews for term projects, theses and dissertations.
Jose L. Galvan, emeritus professor of applied and advanced studies in education, and Melisa C. Galvan
Book cover for "Handbook of Cities and the Environment"
This peer-reviewed book offers an interdisciplinary approach to the impacts of urban spaces on the future of the environment.
Kris Bezdecny, assistant professor of geosciences and environment, and Kevin Archer
Book cover for "Climate Change and the 2030 Corporate Agenda for Sustainable Development"
This volume explores the business implications of the Paris Climate Agreement and what it requires of the private sector to address climate change.
Edited by Liam Leonard, lecturer in sociology, and Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez
Book cover for "Concepts in Bioinformatics and Genomics"
Using a conceptual approach, this textbook highlights relevant real-world applications and provides undergraduate students with the tools to compute and analyze biological data.
Jamil Momand and Alison McCurdy, professors of chemistry and biochemistry, with contributions by Silvia Heubach, professor of mathematics, and Nancy Warter-Perez, professor of electrical and computer engineering
Book cover for "Eating Disorders in Special Populations"
This book provides insight into how physicians, dietitians and psychotherapists navigate treating patients with eating disorders
Edited by Jonna Fries, director of counseling and psychological services, and Veronica Sullivan
Book cover for "An Introduction to Piers Plowman"
This guide is the first comprehensive introduction to William Langland’s allegorical poem that covers all three iterations, outlining the various changes that occurred between each.
Michael Calabrese, professor of English
Book cover for "Sisters of Tomorrow"
This anthology features a 
collection of stories, essays, 
poems and illustrations by 
women in early science fiction.
Edited by Patrick B. Sharp, professor and chair of liberal studies, and Lisa Yaszek