Cuisine with a Conscience

Cal State LA students pose for a photo with Everytable founder, Sam Polk, Cal State LA Vice President, Jose Gomez, and Eddie the Eagle.

“We think of ourselves as the food service of the future. We think everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food that they enjoy and can afford.”

Cal State LA students with Everytable signage that reads "Healthy food is a human right"..

“When you’re working part time or relying on your parents, to be able to afford fresh food on a very fixed income is a big thing.”

Everytable Vietnamese Chicken Salad plate setting

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the university ranked number one in the nation for the upward mobility of its students is not fixated on how much money their graduates might earn, but on how much good they will do in the world.

Sandy Banks is a columnist at the Los Angeles Times.

Photos by J. Emilio Flores

Photo 1: Passersby walk past Everytable at the entrance of the University Library. Photo 2: Everytable founder Sam Polk and Cal State LA Executive Vice President Jose A. Gomez with students at the grand opening. Photo 3: Two students with Eddie the Golden Eagle at the opening celebration. Photo 4: A sample meal from Everytable. (Courtesy of Everytable)